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DrScribe is the diagnostic imaging centers’ and radiologists’ dream medical transcription platform. It is architected to optimize operational efficiency and reduce laborious tasks throughout your facility without the burden of being forced to make massive capital investments and spending countless hours in training your staff. The DrScribe system fits seamless into and enhances your medical records management workflow ensuring your organization enjoys the following benefits:
  • superSTAT - In addition to standard STAT reports, we offer superSTAT with the click of a button. You can mark your urgent dictations as superSTAT and our team will do that report first for you. Our STAT rates are one of the lowest in the industry. Call us for a quote and surprise yourself.
  • Referring Physicians and privileged users can access preliminary or final reports online immediately after a report has been transcribed or approved by the reading physician. This feature cuts down on the number of calls you have to make before a report arrives at your facility.
  • Automated Faxing reduces medical records department’s costs in terms of labor and electronic resources. A physician can Review, Edit, Sign and Fax with a single mouse click.
  • Performance With high volume studies to be read by each radiologist, the last thing a radiologist needs to do is wait on a slow system to complete each task. DrScribe utilizes state-of-the-art software and hardware technologies to offer nothing but the best in performance. Most of your approval queries will be 2-seconds or less.
  • Paperless Office Our platform offers storage of your dictations for an indefinite period. In addition to online storage, you can download and save your dictations in data formats such as MS-Word, HTML, PDF, and XML on your local hard-drive.
  • Multi-site Reads – Radiologists reading for multiple centers can login from anywhere with a single user ID to review and approve their dictations. Once the dictations are approved, they are automatically available in the appropriate diagnostic center’s account.
  • User Level Security – DrScribe has built-in security that allows user access based on each individual’s role in the organization. For example, medical records can have access to modifying patient demographics whereas a physician would have full privileges.

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